About Amanda Cannada:

I have worked in Higher Education since I graduated from the University of Connecticut in 2005. In the summer of 2005, I participated in an internship at UConn’s First Year Programs and what I learned on that internship really peaked my interest in Higher Education. For many years, I researched different graduate programs over the years and honestly, I was terrified about going to graduate school but this year, I finally applied after rehashing the decision repeatedly, I applied to Post University.

Currently I am the program assistant for the Africana Studies Institute at the University of Connecticut. I transferred there from the H. Fred Simons African American Cultural Center in 2011. Before I began working at the Institute, I thought I wanted  to work in a student affairs setting. I was used to working closely with the students and planning and executing all types of programs. As the program assistant for the Africana Studies Institute, I work more with faculty and academic affairs. After spending three years in the Institute, I realize that academic affairs is where I see my career in the future. I aspire to be an academic advisor and perhaps become a director of an advising center.

You can find my resume here.


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