Digital Learning Network: My final learning project

Digital Learning Network: My final learning project


If you have read my about me page, you’ll know that I am a member of univerisity support staff. I encountered a problem with communication with other departments in my position and issues my colleagues discussed in terms of knowing procedures. Many of us would find out new rules by doing something wrong or were confused or found that the training we received on different procedures was not engaging and if you needed to find something pertinent to a duty you were doing, you have to either call someone with experience or search university websites that are poorly designed which makes it difficult for you to find your answer.

There wasn’t a central place to learn best practices and discuss day to day work issues or even unusual work issues. In my project, I propose a digital learning network with a learning activity that focuses on the complexity of the travel department. I also discuss the developing a community of practice for University support staff to improve work performance.

The network would be housed under Blackboard which is user-friendly and most universities. Assessment and Evaluation of the the learning activity and the technology used to administer the learning network will also be on Blackboard.

Assessment and Evaluation will come from surveys from the participants themselves, the staff of the departments that university staff work with frequently and from the data analytics of usage from Blackobard.

For the the framework of my learning activity, I used Kolb’s research on experiential learning. Here is Kolb’s theory in a nutshell:

Experiential Learning Model from Kolb, 1984
Experiential Learning Model from Kolb, 1984

I think experiential learning is really important and the use of it is becoming more prominent in higher education. As employees we all have knowledge to share.

Don’t be this guy.

To illustrate how beneficial Communities of Practice can be, I found this interesting video on how CoPs were used in a mining company to solve problems and share best practices which led to the betterment of the company.

If you are looking to read more about my final project, please check it out here.


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