Mind Map and Reflections

Mind Map and Reflections

Please follow the link to my Mind Map

As I look at the Mind Map I created the first week of the module, I realize how ill-informed I was about education. The font in black I believe is reflection of myself as I work in higher education but not critically thinking or observing it. Honestly, I believe I used a lot of buzz words to that look good but I did not have the knowledge as to why choose these terms. After reading the materials from the first unit, I engaged in a better critical analysis of my interpretation of “What is learning?”

I still think that terms I used can be included in learning but now I have a deeper understanding of what education is and where it is going and the potential of what it can become.  For example, learning can be creative but its methods can be political, trendy or outdated. The way we learn is also relative to one’s environment. A technology trend like learning through gaming may work in one region but not so in another. I also note as I review this mind map as to how I have attained some much information about learning in short amount of time. It is amazing what eight weeks will do.


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